Baseball Card Software

Baseball Card Software

Baseball Card Software Finally, Now YOU Can Easily Keep
Track Of YOUR Baseball Cards!

Dear avid baseball card collector;

If you are the proud owner of an ever-growing collection of baseball cards, or you'd like to be someday, then this is the most important message you're ever going to read.

Here's why...

Let's face it - it's a lot more fun collecting baseball cards than doing the 'housework', keeping track, the organization, and if you actually want to find a particular card? Your time is more important than that. So is your stress level.

Basically, a user friendly, quick and easy tool
would make your life much easier, right?

I know when I started out collecting baseball cards years ago, boy, it was fun! (Why else would you do it...?) I could never wait to get my hands on my next great card...

...I bet they'll turn out to be quite valuable.

...I bet I'll hand them down to my own kids or grandkids someday.

...I bet I'll be able to show them to my friends and hear their sharp intake of breath, as they realize you really do have that card , just like you said. (I can be a bit of a 'showoff' when it comes to my baseball cards...)

But what about down the track when my beloved collection starts growing...growing out of the shoebox...growing into the desk drawer...growing into the closet...growing and growing until it's out of control and someone throws out cards that took years to track down. I wish that back then I'd had something like...

My BaseBall Card Collection

Baseball Card Software help me keep track of all my cards. I mean, just imagine the sorts of cards I've lost over the years. Could easily be some real gems in there and the worst part is I'll never even know . If I did have a quick and easy tool like this when I started:

Baseball Card Collecting Software

I could have kept track of which ones were most valuable, how many played for my team, how many  were brand new, how many I had from 1974, and so on.

Baseball Card Collecting Software

I could have done fast and simple searches to find this stuff out, I could have searched by name, by teams, their position, the card's condition and more.

Baseball Card Collecting Software

I could have produced simple straightforward easy-to-read reports with all this data, and I could have printed these reports with one click .

I have a ton of baseball cards scattered everywhere.  I was looking for some kind of baseball card software to help me organize them.  "My Baseball Card Collection" is just what I needed to get my collection organized.


Larry D., MO 

Of course I can do that now, but naturally what happened was once I had the software up and running, I had to then go back through all of my cards and enter them in. Here's a hint: if you still have a relatively small collection...

Don't fall into this trap - get organized right now for peanuts
and everything will be much easier from now on!

Bonus Offer

Now, if I haven't convinced you of the awesome value of this program, then I never will. But I want to make sure this offer is absolutely irresistible for you today...

FREE Bonus Baseball Collecting Guide valued at $27.00! This straightforward report will help you get the most out of your baseball card collection. You'll discover:

 The history of baseball cards, where they started, and some of the most valuable cards in history

- How to store your cards so they don't fade, bend, warp, get 'dog eared', if you want your cards to last for a long time, then this section is a must!

- How to find out how much your cards are worth and how much that expensive card in the store window is really worth.

- How, and most importantly, where to buy your cards so you always make the right decision

- How and where to sell your cards, to maximize your profits and get the most money.

- How companies grade your cards, and what to expect

And more. It's 6 pages of pure information, no fluff, no filler, no room for any of that. And it's available from me for $27.00 anytime, but if you download this package today, it's yours, free.

So, don't wait. Click here to get your instant download of My Baseball Card Collection. You'll be taken through our secure shopping cart, and you'll get instant access to your program, even if it's 3 in the morning. And at only 2.65 Megabytes in size, it'll only take a few minutes at most to download - even if you have the slowest Internet connection in the world!


Gregg Protenic

P.S. Don't wait until it's too late - download this easy to use system while you're sitting there right now and you will be glad you did.

Baseball-Card-Software-Gaurantee Only $12.95

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