The Pursuit Of Character-03/26/12

Hello everyone. We had a good day yesterday on the Lord’s day. Our adult bible class was filled with discussion and questions regarding King David’s love for the word of God. I didn’t have to teach much, just kind of guide the discussion. When people are eager to discuss and ask questions, it shows me that there is a love in this day and age where people love the word of God also.

My text in the morning service was taken out of 2 Peter 1:5-9. Peter teaches that because of what God had given us (exceeding great and precious promises) that we need to make every effort to develop the Christian graces in our lives. Virtue means that we should develop good character. The only one according to Jesus that is good, is God. Therefore, we should put ourselves in the place with God where He can impart His character to us. We’ve already been made partakers of His divine nature (V.4), which basically means that His Spirit is living in us. But, for His character to continue to grow in us, we need to learn to practice His presence. As we are constantly aware of His presence we will be better able to respond to Him in a way that brings honor and glory to Him. Virtue also carries the meaning of excellence with it. That means that we are not to just settle for mediocre, or superior, but we are to strive, with Him, to be the best that we can possibly be. To do this, we need to continuously examine our motives, our spirit, our deeds, our attitudes, etc. As Christians, we are to carefully look to Jesus and follow (mimic) Him and His ways. This is not an overnight thing. We grow into His likeness by staying in Him through prayer, the study of His word, and by applying His word to our everyday circumstances. Integrity is also another word that can be used to define virtue. I heard another minister explain integrity like this: “It is being the same person when no one is looking, as when you are in the public eye.” With this in mind, let us work to build character that is consistent in every department of our lives, so that we can always be assured that we reflect the nature of Jesus at all times. Our character will be tested when people or circumstances press against us. In times like these, we should turn to Jesus to aid and strengthen us in our pursuit to bring honor to Him. To strive for character without relying on Jesus would be sure failure. It is only by His grace and power that we will ever be successful in our pursuit of holiness.

Have a great week.

Pastor Gary L Protenic

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