Dear Friend,

I have some important questions for you about money-making opportunities. Think carefully before you answer...

  • Are you frustrated with all the hype surrounding some business opportunities? When you find something you think you might like, you find that it’s more of a scam than providing a real product or service.

  • Do you get irritated by a sales letter that goes on and on about how easy it is to make money with little or no effort… only to find that the market is flooded with providers and there is not enough customers?

  • Do you get angry about business opportunities that sound perfect, but the cost to get started is so high that it would take a year or more of hard work and long hours before you started seeing profit?

  • Are you put off by some business opportunities because you have to go through extended training before you can start making money and you don’t really want to make a long-term sacrifice to learn something you might not like to do?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, you’re about to discover an easy way to make money that blows ALL of those concerns out of the water.

It’s a REAL service that is needed on over 80 million cars and trucks on the road.

It makes the vehicle safer… so it’s potentially a life saving service.

It improves the appearance of the car or truck and makes the owner feel a sense of pride in it. (People love their cars… how their car looks is a reflection of them.)

It also increases the perceived value of the vehicle. This is especially important if they are planning to sell it soon. (Hint: Think used car lots.)

You’re probably asking yourself, “What kind of service can do all this?”

I’m glad you asked, the service I’m talking about is…

Headlight Cleaning

A few years ago, a fellow by the name of Bud Riggs was driving home one night when he realized he couldn't see… even though his headlights were ON. He thought he was going blind, but then he realized it was just dirty headlights.

Only the dirt wouldn’t wipe off.

It really wasn’t dirt at all… the lens on his headlights had turned milky white from sun damage.

It Was Like His Car Had CATARACTS

Well, Bud went looking for a way to clean them himself. He bought one of those kits that you find at Walmart, but he didn't like how it turned out.

That didn’t stop him… he kept looking until he finally found a way to clean headlights that was easy, fast and lasted a long time… and it was way cheaper than a kit.

After cleaning the headlights of all his family members…

Bud started noticing dirty headlights everywhere he looked. So, he started offering the service to other people and charging $30 a pair. He worked for another year and perfected his system. He got it down to where he could clean a pair of headlights and about 10 minutes.

It occurred to Bud that even if he cleaned 10 pairs of headlights a day, he wouldn’t be able to clean all of them in his town… even if he lived to be 100. We’re talking about a town with a population of about 40,000.

Since Bud was making pretty good money, he figured he could teach his system to others so they could make some money too.

Headlight cleaning is a super easy service to master. Anyone can learn it in less than an hour.

This photo shows the proof of Bud's System

Bud ended up creating an information-packed manual along with step-by-step videos.

The 34-page manual comes with complete instructions to get the best job in the shortest time. It includes information on where to get supplies and EXACTLY what to get.

The MOST Important Part Is Covered

The demand is everywhere. But you still have to get paying clients. The most important part of the manual is the marketing methods that are covered.

You’ll be able to succeed even if you are a shy type of person. In fact, Bud was also shy about talking to new people. He gives you a couple of tricks to get comfortable talking to people. After that you’re on your way.

The biggest single expense is a one-time marketing item of about $100. It’s what gets people lining up for your service. Bud even shows you how to get by with just $50 in the manual.

But How Much Can You Make?

You will learn to set your prices at three different levels.

  • $10 a pair – takes about 3 minutes to complete.

  • $20 a pair – takes about 10 minutes to complete

  • $40 a pair – takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

Of course, you can set your own price to whatever you want. Some people are charging up to $120 a pair.

How Big is this business? Look at what it costs to get into a franchise...
  • $25,000 initial investment
  • Liquid capital required $10,000
  • 7% gross royalty
  • 3% annual gross royalty

The total cost to get up and running with Bud’s system is about $400. If you already have a cordless drill the cost goes down to $300. That includes the price of the manual and the one-time marketing expense.

You can be in profit in as little as 4 hours work. How’s that for a deal?

With the manual you’ll get:

  • Complete list of tools and supplies so you’ll know exactly what to get and where to get it (mostly Walmart and auto parts stores like Autozone and O’Reilly’s)

  • 22 Step-by-step videos that show you the complete process from beginning to end so you’ll know what’s next and how it should look. Once you see these videos you’ll feel like you can go out and do it… and you can.

  • Where to “set up shop” to get people coming to you, so you don’t waste time trying to “drum up business” going door to door.

  • The magic phrases to say to people that make them obey your command and buy your service.

  • How to make sure you get paid for every job, even if the customer doesn’t have any cash on them.

  • Where to find the mother lode of dirty headlights that need your service all in one place.

There you have it. A complete business you can start on a shoestring. 

What Will You DO With This Information?

So, now you have a choice. Are you dreaming about a business that can bring in $30 to $120 per hour? One that you can treat like an ATM machine… if you need cash you just go out and earn it.

Or are you going to hold out for a better deal to come along? There won’t be many as easy and as quick to profits as this one. But the choice is yours.

You can stay in your frustrated state… going nowhere and wishing for a better life and hoping money will fall out of the sky into your pockets.

Or, you could get a minimum wage job and be at the mercy of someone else’s timetable and bring home about $150 for 20 hours of work.

Or, you can be a rainmaker by getting this manual… reading through it and start doing it and bring home about $200 for 2 hours of work.

It’s up to you… if you want a better life… where you get to be in control almost immediately… you need to get this manual...

It Could Change Your Life!

How would you feel if you KNEW you could go out for a few hours and come home with a pocketful of cash?

Imagine having enough money to do the things you’ve always wanted to do… take a trip, buy a new car, put a down payment on a house.

Can you see yourself providing a service that people actually need and it improves their safety and the appearance of their vehicle?

Make it happen by purchasing your Headlight Cleaning Manual...

Your Headlight Cleaning Manual

A complete business manual for only $97

You’ll have complete instructions on:

  • What supplies to get

  • Where to get them

  • How to do the work

  • Who to do the work for

  • How to get clients

  • How much to charge

When you count all the supplies and tools you need you’ll only spend a total $400 at most. And you’ll have enough supplies to do 50 pairs of headlights.

If you got $40 per pair times 50 pairs = $2000.00

That’s a profit of $1600.00 for about 14-16 hours of actual work.

You can see how just a small investment can bring you a stack of cash.

What’s stopping you?

Buy your Headlight Cleaning Manual Now

The NEED is out there. Do YOU have the COURAGE to fill it?

Start your Headlight Cleaning Business before someone else does.

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